Nature’s Generator 1800w Solar & Wind Review

Product Name: Nature’s Generator – 1800w Solar & Wind Powered Generator System – Platinum

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I have been researching solar powered generators for quite a while now and this is my favorite.  Not only is this Nature’s Generator solar powered, but it is a wind powered generator also.  So no matter the weather, I’ll have power!

This product would be for those campers, like me, who need good power in all types of weather. I want my TV, my fan, and my lap top. This 1800w solar & wind powered generator would do this for me. And if I need more power I could easily add another power pod to this or any Nature’s Generator. Solar panels and wind turbine can charge simultaneously, and this generator will not overcharge.

One generator should run a 30 cubic foot full size refrigerator for 5 to 10 hours. However, I doubt that my RV refrigerator will be that large. I would be able to run the microwave and make coffee, work on my lap top, run a fan and my daughter could watch a DVD.

The generator comes with multiple outlets enabling me to plug in multiple items. There are regular AC electric outlets and also USB ports. Generator has 3 120V AC outlets and 2 2amp USB ports. Power Pod has 1 12V DC outlet. However, with installation of Power Transfer Kit to your breaker box or hooking up your 30amp cord with an adaptor (RV) these outlets will not be needed because all your power outlets will work.

There is a built in AGM deep cycle battery in each generator, which supply up to 1800 watts for 5 minutes, then 1440 watts of continuous power. If you ever need to replace a battery there are just a few bolts to deal with.

The Pros

Comes with a heavy-duty cart with wheels making it easy to move around.

Comes with a 50ft solar panel cable and a 100ft wind turbine cable.

Can be used indoors.

Can be charged with a gas generator.

Uses pure sine wave.

Power can be expanded by connecting a Nature’s Generator Power Pod or auxiliary box; multiple power pods can be chained.

Will charge using solar or wind, or a combination of both.

No charge controller needed.

Battery will not overcharge.

Comes with 3 100W solar panels and 1 wind turbine that requires at least a 10 mph wind.

When Power Transfer Kit is wired to your breaker box there will be a choice of using the Nature’s Generator or standard electricity.

It’s quieter than a gas generator!

Ability of syncing via Bluetooth.

Can be used as a UPS back up power supply.

Can plug your 30amp power cord (for RV use) into this with an adapter and your power outlets will work.  I’m checking to see if this can be plugged directly into a Zamp plug.

The Cons

Not compatible with 220v.

To connect directly to your breaker box you will need the Nature’s Generator Power Transfer Kit.  However, for RVs you can plug your 30 amp cord with an adapter.

My Opinion

This is what I would want to have when boondocking. I would definitely want the addition of 2 more solar panels and have the Power Transfer Kit wired directly to my breaker box. The versatility of this and the potential power generated under a number of weather conditions would be my peace of mind.

This will generate an amazing amount of power.  It would also allow me to work, keep my food cold, cook; basically keep comfortable and secure.

I think this could also be easily disconnected from the Power Transfer Kit and used in my home when electricity is knocked out.

Nature’s Generator Platimum System

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14 Replies to “Nature’s Generator 1800w Solar & Wind Review”

  1. Nice looks like a tight little unit, the wind propeller looks a bit weak and doesn’t show how to install it in the clear I’ve never heard of nature’s generators, I would give it a hard look over as parts for most generators are costly,does it say where it’s made solar panels are pretty easy, converters can get tricky for a small oy put there no need for 220v but if it plugs into a 30 amp breaker it sounds like it could run all your needs, thanks for the write up its getting on that time t.c

  2. Hi great review on this product 😊 My inlaws have hydro/solar power would this work these types of systems? They have been looking into another back up for their system for the “just in case”. Can you buy this product at any solar outfits or just online? Thanks again for the review.


  3. We have frequent power outage here in our place due to poor materials and maintenance of power lines. This is typical to third world countries, with customers not minding to complain about the poor service. I am very pissed off as this affects my online business a lot. Now, as per described in this article that the device can support the running of a 30 cubic full size refrigerator for 5 to 10 hours, I wonder if it can also support the running of a desktop computer for 8 hours. The desktop computer is a HP brand and is optimized for saving power. So, is it possible? Can it support the computer for 8 hours?

    1. I think this generator would do that for you.  Watch the video (link at bottom of page).  That person has a remarkable amount of things plugged into it and everything is running.  I was quite amazed.

    2. A generator like this peaks my interest as it would bring me relief in the back of my mind. I have three different aquarium tanks so having a generator of this kind would prove much more reliable as it would not become subject to gas shortages. This has happened where I live. Thanks for the review.

      1. This is probably more than more than you need for 3 aquariums, but what the heck, wind and solar are free power and you can power far more than 3 aquariums with this.

  4. Hi Nomad
    This is awesome. I am, however, really sad that it doesn’t support 220VAC, since I live in Australia. Do you plan on doing a review of anything similar that does outage to 220?
    Otherwise, can you recommend a 120-220 converter? When I move to Oz from the US, I had to buy a couple of converters here; very frustrating.

    1. I will definitely keep this in mind.  I’ll see what I can come up with for 120-220 converter for sure.  Actually, I may be able to find a solar generator for 220, but will have to check to see if it is any good. 

  5. This is pretty ideal for me as I am based in Vietnam where power outs can be frequent and rather annoying when I am trying to get work done (online).

    And…it can get pretty hot here and not having a fan running can be pretty uncomfortable.

    It there an option for both more power (2.2Kw) and greater battery storage?

  6. I found your Review of the Natures Generator 1800 w Solar Wind helpful and full of information. I was drawn to the images and viewed them in larger sizes on Amazon, then looked at Nicks video where I found out that 3 pods provide 501% more power. Then found out that the Natures Generator could use an I phone or Android to monitor it, run diagnostics, and make contact through an app. Some of these were in your list of 15 Pros.
    The Con to me was not a problem because you provided a solution.
    What size fridge were you planing on getting?

    1. Whatever comes in the Winnebago Spirit. The brochure says “mid-size.” However, I would definitely get one that runs on propane and/or electric. I don’t think I would have a problem and could probably run the fridge mostly on electricity.

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